Anat’s work is amazing. I have been doing some of her lessons. My body moves in places it hadn’t before. And I feel much greater ease all day as I sit, walk, turn. I want to shout about this miracle. Why doesn’t everybody know about this?!

~Steph S.

Wow. That movement lesson last night was remarkable. I feel like my body/brain got rewired. So easy to forget how powerful a few simple movements can be, and what a difference they can make!

~Robin W.

Anat, I wanted to thank you for some of the things that you have given me: I am learning to look within and to not compare myself to others; I am learning to be gentle with myself and to not push so hard in life as well as in lessons; I have recognized some moments of creation and it has been a truly wondrous experience….I feel like someone has put an oil can up to my joints and lubricated them. Stiffness is steadily leaving my body. I feel great….I am excited about the future and not worried anymore; I am more connected with myself. I have a greater sense of responsibility and control. Things are in my hands and not in the hands of others; I am on a voyage of self-discovery; I am reveling in my newfound knowledge and excited about the knowledge that is yet to come; I feel bigger and stronger but more soft and flexible. Thank you for all of these things. I am so very grateful.

~John R., Engineer