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NeuroMovement® Intensives and Our Collaborative Approach

We have a collaborative team approach, which we have found to be extremely effective. Over time, you or your child will usually work with two or three of our Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Center Practitioners. 

At the ABM Center, we work with both adults and children in what we call “intensives.” Between visits, especially in the beginning, we often suggest 1-2 lessons a week until the next intensive. Whenever possible, we give people suggestions for what they can do on their own in their daily life, for themselves and their children.

“Anat applies the exact same principles when helping people overcome limitation that I used to recover my brain and body from stroke. She understands that for any meaningful change to happen in the way we think, move, and use our body, the change has to happen in the brain.” ~Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, Neuroanatomist, and Bestselling Author of My Stroke of Insight book and TED Talk

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Consultations and Private Sessions

To schedule consults or private sessions with Anat Baniel or one of the ABMNM Team Practitioners, click the button below:

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We schedule consultations and appointments on a first-come, first-served basis in conjunction with Anat’s recommended program.



Mon – Fri 8:30am – 4:30pm


Our ABM Center and offices are located in The Vineyard Office Park on the east side frontage road off of Hwy. 101 in Terra Linda, CA (northern San Rafael).

Our Center includes a 2500-square-foot beautiful conference space where workshops, lectures, and free presentations are held.

If you are visiting us from out of town: Click Here for Information on Local Accommodations and Ground Transportation.

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