Anti-Aging and Wellness: Reverse Aging with NeuroMovement®

Is It Possible to Reverse Aging? Absolutely, YES!

Are you one of the millions of people over 40 that are experiencing reduced vitality and wellness?

Do you have less flexibility and strength? More aches and pains? Diminishing mental clarity or sharpness of thinking? More anxiety?

Is your balance not as good as it used to be? Are some movements becoming harder to do?

While it is not possible to reverse your age, science shows that it is definitely possible to reverse the typical symptoms of aging.
anti-aging and wellness

We all age when we have the good fortune to live long enough. As we grow older, some changes in the body and the mind do occur. And if we do nothing about it, this process will accelerate.

However, we have the power to reverse and greatly transform the typical path of aging for the better. We know that it is possible to reverse aging because Practitioners of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® have seen it happen with thousands of our clients and within ourselves.

How to Reverse Aging Naturally: Wake Up Your Brain!

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How Can NeuroMovement® Help?

The Method uses innovative, gentle, and safe movement lessons, coupled with the 9 Essentials, that will wake up your brain to create a cascade of new neural connections. Learn more about adult brain plasticity and positive brain change.

These NeuroMovement lessons are usually between 30 to 45 minutes long. Each lesson contains a sequence of movements that focus on a specific function such as reaching down, getting up from sitting to standing, twisting, etc.

The lessons culminate in clear changes both in the ability to perform the movements of the lesson and in improved breathing, posture, general ease of movement, awareness levels, reduced aches and pains, and other unexpected positive changes. The lessons also often culminate with you being able to do something you couldn’t do before.

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Adults who have experienced breakthrough results with NeuroMovement®

anti-aging and wellness
Jack Canfield
author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“Anat’s work is life changing and so is her book Move Into Life. For those seeking greater health and vitality, Move Into Life is a must. The ideas are original and cutting edge, yet supported by science. Read it, apply what you learn, and experience remarkable transformations and greater vitality of mind and body.”

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Christine B.
a 55-year-old woman with hip pain

“I no longer have hip pain and my whole body moves more fluidly…My mood is always better, and my thinking gets clearer whenever I do a NeuroMovement lesson or practice one of the 9 Essentials. I am a 55-year-old woman and I no longer believe that pain and slowing down cognitively or physically are unchangeable outcomes of aging.”

anti-aging and wellness
Ann St. Clair
ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner

“When we first met, I was in terrible pain and feeling very hopeless about the quality of my life. I felt that many of the activities I enjoyed had been taken from me because of my limited movement and pain. I hoped that someday I would be able to play tennis again, something I have done since childhood….I am so excited to tell you that in the last month I have begun playing tennis again!”

Did You Know that Your Level of Energy, Vitality, Strength, Flexibility, Mental Clarity, and Well-Being Is Directly Connected to Your Brain?

When your brain thrives, growing and creating new connections, you’re invigorated, you move more easily and with greater power; your thinking improves, and you begin reversing the aging symptoms you are experiencing.

NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials provide movement, thinking, and awareness lessons and the conditions that the brain requires to change for the better. These lessons wake up your brain and turn it into a vibrant learning brain and into a stronger and better brain.

With a stronger and better brain, more will become possible for you.

Experience the energizing power of NeuroMovement Lessons with our DVDs and Online Video Programs:
NeuroMovement for anti-aging and wellness

Vitality, Health, and Wellness with NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials

With this natural approach to anti-aging, you can immediately begin to reverse the negative effects of aging. Over 30 years, we have observed our clients get more vitality, health, and wellness. Using NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials, they’ve rediscovered:

  • more organized and easy movement
  • better balance and posture
  • healthy breathing
  • increased mental clarity and freedom in thinking
  • enhanced creativity
  • renewed energy and new interests
  • joy in life

All that you do will become easier, simpler, faster, and most importantly, more pleasurable and satisfying.

Read Anat Baniel’s bestselling book Move Into Life: NeuroMovement for Lifelong Vitality.

NeuroMovement®: The 9 Essentials

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