Torticollis and NeuroMovement®

Elizabeth and Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel Describes Her Work with Two Children with Torticollis

Torticollis in Children: How Can NeuroMovement® Help?

Torticollis can often be seen in your baby’s movements. Your child may only turn his head to one side, may tilt his head to one side, or may only roll to one side. He may also have more difficulty breastfeeding on one side than the other.

Torticollis in children may be present at birth (infant torticollis) or it may be acquired later in childhood. The most common type of torticollis is congenital muscular torticollis.

NeuroMovement focuses on your child’s brain, using gentle movements and the 9 Essentials to help her brain create new connections and patterns of movement.

We do not try to “stretch” the muscles. We do not recommend tummy time as a solution to this condition. Click here to read Why Not Tummy Time?

A Holistic Approach to Torticollis: NeuroMovement® Wakes Up Your Child’s Brain

With NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials, we provide the necessary conditions to help your child’s brain wake up and create new neural patterns.

With this new information, the brain can develop pain-free, flexible movement in both sides of your child’s body.

Your child’s brain can almost always change for the better in ways that often seem miraculous. With this holistic approach, we have seen many babies with infant torticollis, as well as children and adults with torticollis, move beyond their limitations, and reach new levels of physical, emotional, and cognitive performance.

Read about Nicolas who developed spasmodic torticollis, and how quickly he recovered with NeuroMovement.

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“My daughter is one and a half years old now. In her early months, she showed a head tilt that indicated a possible torticollis per her pediatrician. With ABM lessons, her head tilt is not very noticeable, and she is developing well. Furthermore, her speech also made leaps after ABM lessons. It is such joy to witness her pretend talking on the phone or just chatting for the pure fun of it. These lessons offer so much possibility, learning, and health for young ones that bright futures lie ahead for them.” ~Josephine, Amalia’s mother

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Torticollis in Adults

Adults can also develop torticollis, which may develop slowly if there is a family history of this condition (known as spasmodic torticollis or cervical dystonia). Or torticollis may develop from an injury or trauma to the neck.

In order to reduce the pain, the way your body is organized to move has to change. And the change cannot happen in the neck alone. Your whole body has to reorganize in order to eliminate the pain and restriction.

This kind of change can only happen if the habitual patterns in your brain are replaced with better ones. And this is exactly what NeuroMovement does! These gentle movements, together with the 9 Essentials, help your brain to reorganize your whole body so that your neck pain disappears.

Your brain will discover new solutions and pain-free ways for you to move. Limited movement and pain will disappear as your brain keeps changing and evolving.

Your whole body will become freer and stronger, your thinking will become clearer, and you’ll be free to move powerfully into your life! Learn more about natural pain relief with NeuroMovement.

Meet one of our over 700 practitioners around the world

Anat Baniel works with children and adults

About Anat Baniel

A trained clinical psychologist, dancer, and close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for over a decade, Anat Baniel is perhaps best known today as the founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®.

She is the author of two highly acclaimed books about this transformational methodology: Move Into Life: NeuroMovement for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits.

Anat Baniel has experienced over 30 years of remarkable outcomes with thousands of children with special needs and adults with strokes, injuries, and other limiting conditions. It is through this experience that she developed her innovative, scientifically based approach with concrete and easy-to-use tools—the Nine Essentials—that enable children and adults to move beyond their limitations, making the seemingly impossible possible.

Anat Baniel’s work is at the forefront of the emerging brain plasticity field, helping wake up the brain to its greater potency for learning and change throughout life. Anat has trained hundreds of practitioners in this Method. She collaborates with leading neuroscientists, doctors, and educators including Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Dr. Elizabeth Torres, and others. She and her team work out of the Anat Baniel Method® Center in San Rafael, California.

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