Genetic Disorders in Children: How NeuroMovement® Can Help

Has your child been diagnosed with a genetic disorder like Down syndrome?
Or has your baby been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder like Cri du chat syndrome or Fragile X syndrome?
Are you looking for an approach that focuses on the possibilities for your child?

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a revolutionary, scientifically-based Method that focuses on helping your child get a better, stronger brain. In our work, we have often seen the “impossible” become possible for children diagnosed with Down syndrome, Cri du chat syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Angelman syndrome, CDKL5, and other rare genetic disorders.

down syndrome video

A Holistic Approach to Genetic Disorders with NeuroMovement®

View the video above of a baby named Aliyah, who was born with Down syndrome. This video clip shows Aliyah’s extraordinary progress over a period of 20 months—from 4 months to 2 years of age—with NeuroMovement, a holistic approach to genetic disorders. View the follow-up video of Aliyah, who is almost 4 years old in this clip. She has not been to the ABM Center for 2 years but continues to do well working with other certified ABM NeuroMovement Practitioners.

“Movement Is the Language of the Brain.”

~Anat Baniel

Help for Babies and Children with Rare Genetic Disorders

With Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®, the focus is very different. Rather than try to fix the problem by focusing on limitations, our focus is where the solutions actually lie—with the brain.

NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials help the brain of the child with a genetic disorder do its job better. We have seen a variety of amazing outcomes in children with genetic disorders. We have seen speech, emotional and social functioning, thinking, and coordination all improve. While it is a process, the changes often begin happening right away and are sometimes quite dramatic.

This Method helps your child’s brain become a brilliant learning brain, creating new neural patterns that help your child to move past limitations and experience new possibilities.

If we have not worked with a specific condition before, you can try a series of private lessons for your child to see if there any positive changes with NeuroMovement. We cannot predict what will happen, but often the results are surprising!

positive brain change with NeuroMovement

Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain’s Way of Healing and The Brain That Changes Itself has written about Anat Baniel’s extraordinary work with children.

Click here to read why Dr. Doidge supports this Method.


Parents of children with genetic disorders who have experienced breakthrough results with NeuroMovement®

children with special needs
Jennifer S.
mother of Analiese, diagnosed with trisomy 9 mosaicism

“Analiese was diagnosed in vitro at 33 weeks with a rare chromosome disorder called Trisomy 9 Mosaicism when her growth began to slow….I began to get intensive lessons for my daughter, and after each one, we noticed both subtle and notable changes. She started to walk more organized, her balance began to improve, her footing became more solid, and she got chattier. Her cognition continues to improve; she knows about 30 signs, and can say 6 words…..Our lives are filled with hope and the possibilities are endless.”
Read about Analiese’s amazing progress here.

children with special needs
Jessica S.
mother of Charlotte, diagnosed with cri du chat syndrome

“You said you had not yet worked with anyone with this syndrome. So, I wanted to let you know that we did an intensive with a local ABM practitioner…We saw changes in our daughter the very first day. We continue to notice a variety of different movements, but I just wanted to give you some feedback to let you know that the Anat Baniel Method is, indeed, helpful to one with a chromosomal deletion! We are so thrilled to have found your work. It has given us hope and more peace of mind.”
Read the two blog posts about Charlotte’s remarkable progress.

children with special needs
Alexis T.
mother of Zacchaio, diagnosed with linear nevus sebaceous syndrome

“Our son was born with an incredibly rare genetic disorder that only a few doctors had ever heard/read about in medical books and journals….Enter the Anat Baniel Method. Within one week, Zacchaio re-established head control and attentive gaze. Within two weeks, Zacchaio was making baby sounds. Within three weeks Zacchaio was rolling over, and within four weeks, we couldn’t contain his excitement to experience life!”
Read the two blog posts about Zacchaio’s incredible journey with this Method.

What Genetic Disorders Can NeuroMovement® Help?

If your child has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, you may feel, or perhaps you were told, that there is very little that can be done for your child. Luckily this is not the case. Most times a lot can be done for your child.

We recommend that you find an ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner to get some private lessons for your child as soon as possible. You can request an appointment at the ABM Center or find a practitioner in your area. Click here to find a certified practitioner.

child with down syndrome

A Child with Down Syndrome Says the Alphabet Backwards

Click here to read the message from his mom.

We have worked with a variety of genetic disorders in children and rare genetic disorders in babies. Click on the links below to learn more about the breakthrough outcomes with NeuroMovement:

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