Interviews with Anat Baniel

Below are a sampling of interviews with Anat Baniel.

We invite you to view or listen to these Anat Baniel interviews to learn more about Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® and Anat Baniel’s work. Try some of the NeuroMovement lessons provided in the recordings. And please contact us if you want to share your feedback, have questions, or need additional information.

Anat Baniel on the Somatic Movement Summit

Movement is the Language of the Brain: Supercharging Your Life Through NeuroMovement®

April 19, 2021
In this video, Brian Siddhartha Ingle interviews Anat Baniel, and they discuss the 9 Essentials and NeuroMovement, and how they can drive positive brain change. This interview is part of the Somatic Movement Summit, a free online event where you can discover how conscious movement holds the key to healing & vitality. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved. Reposted with permission.

Anat Baniel with iRest Founder Richard Miller

Online Sangha Session with Richard Miller and Featured Guest Anat Baniel

January 26, 2021
In this episode, iRest Founder Richard Miller interviews Anat Baniel about her groundbreaking work at the leading edge of brain plasticity science. Anat shares how to stay open to the possibilities. She discusses the importance of safety and connection, and the 9 Essentials she defined in this Method. For more information on the iRest Institute and Dr. Richard Miller, go to

Anat Baniel on the Podcast Who Lives Like This?!

Anat Baniel and the Unlimited Potential of the Human Brain

March 3, 2020
In this podcast, Jason Lehmbeck and Elizabeth Aquino had a far-ranging conversation with Anat, the evolution of her work, the 9 Essentials of positive brain change, and the importance of shifting from a mentality of fixing to connecting.

They talked about the differences between healing and curing, and Anat shared her wisdom about how she deals with parents and their own growth and evolution.

See the show notes and learn more about Who Lives Like This?!

Anat Baniel on HealthMade Radio with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

Healing Your Brain Through Movement

October 1, 2019
In this episode, Anat discusses NeuroMovement®, a holistic approach to human functioning and health, based on the understanding that movement is the language of the brain. Click here to read the show notes.

Anat Baniel on The Aware Show with with Lisa Garr

NeuroMovement® for a Younger-Feeling, Sharper and Healthier You

March 13, 2017
In this interview, Anat demonstrates two simple NeuroMovement® lessons that are included in her newest product NeuroMovement® for Vitality, Anti-Aging & Well-Being. No special equipment required and these video lessons can easily be done at home.

Anat Baniel on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey

The Nine Essential Steps For Peak Brain & Body Performance

March 10, 2017
Growing new neurological pathways for peak brain and body performance can be achieved using the 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement. This is a Method used by 1,000+ Practitioners around the world to treat a variety of neurological problems ranging from autism to traumatic brain injury.

Anat Baniel on The Mike Koenigs Show with Mike Koenigs

The Brain Can Change at Any Age

February 25, 2017
Did you know we can actually wake up our brains to create new connections, new learning and new possibilities at any age to overcome pain or disability and achieve new levels of performance? The brain can essentially CHANGE itself on demand when you give it the right conditions.

Anat Baniel on David Laroche World with David Laroche

Learn About the Amazing Power of the Brain to Change Itself

August 30, 2016
The human brain has remarkable potentials. Anat Baniel works with adults and children and her goal is to help them to improve their lives, by helping them to have access to new possibilities with NeuroMovement.

Anat Baniel on The Autism Intensive with Mike Mutzel

Unlocking Brain Plasticity through Movement

January 2016
The Autism Intensive featured interviews with over 35 functional medicine visionaries. They discussed cutting-edge science around food and diet, the immune system, brain plasticity, and specifically how children on the autism spectrum are affected.

Anat Baniel on the Body Intelligence Summit with Katie Hendricks

NeuroMovement®: The Way to a Powerful, Vibrant, Intelligent, & Flexible Body and Mind

February 18, 2015
Anat discusses NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials for waking up the brain. She also demonstrates several movement lessons that you can try. This interview is part of the 2015 Body Intelligence Summit.

Anat Baniel Presents at the 2014 IAFNR Conference with Dr. Robert Melillo

International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) Conference Presenter

May 30, 2014
Anat discusses NeuroMovement® and her cutting-edge work using movement to access the incredible potential of your brain. She will be a presenter at the 2014 IAFNR Conference. Learn more about IAFNR at

Anat Baniel on Author Magazine with Bill Kenower

Kids Beyond Limits and the Nine Essentials

May 10, 2012
Anat discusses her book Kids Beyond Limits, the 9 Essentials for waking up the brain, and the importance of the perception of differences. Click here to see the first part of this interview with Bill Kenower.

Anat Baniel works with children and adults

About Anat Baniel

A trained clinical psychologist, dancer, and close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for over a decade, Anat Baniel is perhaps best known today as the founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®.

She is the author of two highly acclaimed books about this transformational methodology: Move Into Life: NeuroMovement for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits.

Anat Baniel has experienced over 30 years of remarkable outcomes with thousands of children with special needs and adults with strokes, injuries, and other limiting conditions. It is through this experience that she developed her innovative, scientifically based approach with concrete and easy-to-use tools—the Nine Essentials—that enable children and adults to move beyond their limitations, making the seemingly impossible possible.

Anat Baniel’s work is at the forefront of the emerging brain plasticity field, helping wake up the brain to its greater potency for learning and change throughout life. Anat has trained hundreds of practitioners in this Method. She collaborates with leading neuroscientists, doctors, and educators including Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Dr. Elizabeth Torres, and others. She and her team work out of the Anat Baniel Method® Center in San Rafael, California.

NeuroMovement®: The 9 Essentials

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