NeuroMovement®: Adults Of All Ages & Levels of Abilities Can Benefit

Did you know that your brain can change throughout life?
Did you know that with positive brain change, you can overcome pain, increase vitality and wellness, and reverse limitations and deterioration associated with aging and injuries?
At the same time, you can also reach new levels of performance—physical, cognitive, and spiritual.
brain plasticity in adults

Discover the Power of Your Brain to Change with NeuroMovement®

Neuroscience research demonstrates the remarkable ability of the brain to change and open up transformational possibilities considered impossible just a few years ago, and even today. The question is: How can you take advantage of this remarkable potential waiting to wake up in your brain and in you? Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a science-based approach that quickly and powerfully wakes up the brain to learn and change in seemingly miraculous ways.

Adult Neuroplasticity: Making the Impossible Possible with NeuroMovement®

adult brain plasticity and NeuroMovement

Would you like a movement exercise program that offers pain-free movement that is safe, easy, and pleasurable?

A movement program that quickly and seemingly miraculously, dramatically enhances your flexibility, strength, and coordination?

Would you like to enhance your awareness, your cognitive clarity, and your creativity at the same time?

NeuroMovement® does just that!

The Method uses innovative, gentle, and safe movement lessons, coupled with the 9 Essentials, that wake up powerful neuroplasticity in your brain.

This neuroplasticity leads to learning and to acquiring new connections and patterns in the brain. With these new connections, you will gain new skills and reach new levels of performance.

Learn more about adult neuroplasticity here.

Access Brain Potential: Get Rid of Pain and Limitation and Have a Vibrant Life

NeuroMovement® is a scientifically based, holistic approach. Thousands of adults with a multitude of conditions and aspirations have used this Method to access their brain potential for their great benefit. You can benefit from this work at any age! Discover more about how NeuroMovement, by tapping into adult neuroplasticity, is transforming lives…

whole brain and body fitness
Whole Brain & Body Fitness

Improve your fitness level while movement becomes easy and pleasurable. Gain greater strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, awareness of self, and well-being.

natrual pain relief
Natural Pain Relief

Discover how to access your brain to move beyond pain and limitation into exuberant, sensual living with our innovative, safe, and drug-free NeuroMovement programs.

anti-aging and wellness
Anti-Aging and Wellness

Learn how to improve your mind and body. Safely gain greater flexibility, creativity, strength, energy, mental clarity, and joy. With NeuroMovement, live life to the fullest at any age.

rehabilitation recovery of function
Rehabilitation & Recovery of Function

Whether you’ve had a stroke, TBI, injury, or illness, NeuroMovement will transform your recovery process and the outcomes you get, often making the seemingly impossible, possible one step at a time.

high performance athletes and musicians
High Performance

Unleash the power of your brain with NeuroMovement. Reach new heights in mind and body fitness and performance…
whether you’re an athlete, musician, dancer, artist, scientist, CEO, or any other type of high performer.

neuromovement practitioner training
ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner Training

Become a certified practitioner of the Method. Be at the cutting edge of applied brain plasticity and learning. Access your potential and grow in every aspect of your life while learning how to help others.

Adults, from 18 to their 90’s, who experience pain, limitation, and loss of function and vitality; and those who want to improve their performance have successfully used NeuroMovement to tap into the incredible power of their brain to change.


Adults who have experienced breakthrough results with NeuroMovement®

Robin Zander

a performer who broke his neck

“I broke my neck in training for auditions with Cirque du Soleil…I am no longer in pain. I am back to performance…and I am in better physical condition than I was before my injury.”

Patricia H.

a woman with rotator cuff injury

“It’s amazing! There’s no pain. I can move it back, forward, up, down. I have two tears in my rotator cuff. I’ve been to two different doctors, two different physical therapists…”

Rob E.

a man with limited flexibility

“I feel a new sense of flexibility and freedom of movement. It’s an amazing experience…to actually get parts of my body in the game of walking, of moving, of standing up…”

Anat Baniel works with children and adults

About Anat Baniel

A trained clinical psychologist, dancer, and close professional associate of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais for over a decade, Anat Baniel is perhaps best known today as the founder of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®.

She is the author of two highly acclaimed books about this transformational methodology: Move Into Life: NeuroMovement for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits.

Anat Baniel has experienced over 30 years of remarkable outcomes with thousands of children with special needs and adults with strokes, injuries, and other limiting conditions. It is through this experience that she developed her innovative, scientifically based approach with concrete and easy-to-use tools—the Nine Essentials—that enable children and adults to move beyond their limitations, making the seemingly impossible possible.

Anat Baniel’s work is at the forefront of the emerging brain plasticity field, helping wake up the brain to its greater potency for learning and change throughout life. Anat has trained hundreds of practitioners in this Method. She collaborates with leading neuroscientists, doctors, and educators including Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Dr. Elizabeth Torres, and others. She and her team work out of the Anat Baniel Method® Center in San Rafael, California.

NeuroMovement®: The 9 Essentials

Quick, daily tips to overcome pain & increase your vitality