Scoliosis In Children: How NeuroMovement® Can Help

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Scoliosis in Children: How NeuroMovement® Can Help

When scoliosis in children is not severe, usually nothing much is done for it. For more severe scoliosis, the typical treatments are usually different forms of bracing and exercise. When the scoliosis is severe, back surgery to immobilize portions of the spine is sometimes recommended.

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® offers an alternative, holistic approach to scoliosis that uses gentle movements and the 9 Essentials.

This scientifically-based Method focuses on the brain, where all your body’s movements are organized.

The spine is a part of a highly complex, dynamic system (your whole body) that is ultimately controlled by the brain. And the brain gives the commands to muscles whether to contract or not.

So, it is the brain that we need to inform and change when we want to reduce the curvature in the spine and increase mobility, agility, and comfort.

“I began seeing Anat every eight weeks in California for lessons. The change during and after each lesson was immediate and enormous. I discovered parts of my body that I never knew could move so freely. My breathing became much steadier as my rib cage and chest learned to be free. Anat also showed my back how to lie flat and twist with full range of motion, as well as my hips how to be loose to allow for better walking. I continued to dance more than ever and started to make tremendous improvement….” ~Emily, excerpt from a letter she wrote to Anat

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A Holistic Approach to Scoliosis and Scoliosis Pain Relief

Children and adults with scoliosis often experience back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. Scoliosis can also lead to reduced mobility and challenges with breathing and balance, as well as other serious complications such as digestive issues, lung and heart damage, and more.

Our gentle and innovative NeuroMovement lessons, along with the 9 Essentials, provide the brain with information it needs to form new connections.

With this new information, your brain will discover new solutions and pain-free ways for you to move. As your brain continues to change and evolve, you will experience more and more scoliosis pain relief.

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If you or your child has been diagnosed with scoliosis, we strongly recommend that you find an ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner to get some private lessons.

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Children with scoliosis who have experienced breakthrough results with NeuroMovement®

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Kaden’s mom

“The ortho recommended we try bracing next to slow down what seemed to be a steadily progressing curve, but we decided against it for the time being. We continued ABM [NeuroMovement] with Carla while we hoped for the best and researched treatment options. Well, miraculously, Kaden had a follow up appointment last week and his curve measured 32 degrees. We were thrilled!!” Read the full story of Kaden’s remarkable outcomes here.

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Alexander’s mom

“Alex has been diagnosed with a nine degree C-curvature of the spine….Since starting lessons at the ABM Center, we have seen many encouraging and dramatic improvements. Alexander’s spinal alignment has improved. His shoulders and hips are now more level….He has much more flexibility in his trunk and spine than he previously had lending more freedom in movement and fluidity to his quality of movement that he did not have before.” Read the full story of Alex’s extraordinary changes.

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Kim S.
Mom to a daughter with scoliosis

“We have seen the benefits of the method in many ways, but the most impressive reaction we have received was from her Orthopedic doctor. Given that my daughter has very low muscle tone and is non-mobile, her hips have begun to come out of the sockets and her scoliosis is becoming more pronounced. We did 6 months between x-ray check ups, fully anticipating the need for surgery in the near future. The doctor was astounded at her flexibility and range of motion given her disabilities, as well as amazed that there had been no change in the joints or scoliosis.” Read the full story of Kim’s daughter here.

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Get Scoliosis Pain Relief, Find Joy in Movement, and More with NeuroMovement

With NeuroMovement, we have seen extraordinary outcomes in children and adults with scoliosis, including:

  • more flexibility
  • increased back strength
  • scoliosis pain relief and joy in movement
  • improved posture and breathing
  • better balance
  • enhanced vitality and well-being
We recognize that the structure of the back does not need to be perfect or symmetrical for a child or adult with scoliosis to have full functioning.

With this Method, you will discover that scoliosis does not need to limit you. By using NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials, over time the curvature of your spine may lessen, and further deterioration may stop.

To learn more about your own brain’s ability to improve how you move and feel, read the article Movement and Learning Based-Approach to Working with Scoliosis.”

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