Higher Performance with NeuroMovement®

Positive Brain Change Is the Key to Higher Performance

Whether you’re a high performing athlete, musician, actor, dancer, CEO, scientist, or a mom juggling many tasks, you appreciate the importance of ways to improve on your own performance.

Even the most successful performers experience limitations they’d like to overcome. Yet many hours of practice and great efforts often lead to minimal or no additional progress.

Why doesn’t your performance improve?

In order to reach new breakthroughs in performance, change needs to occur within your brain.

Anat Baniel has developed positive brain change tools for higher performance, for even the most successful performers. Access the power of your brain with NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials. Learn more about NeuroMovement and the Essentials here.

brain and movement

“Movement Is the Language of the Brain.”

~Anat Baniel


Adults who have experienced breakthrough results with NeuroMovement®

high performance
Chris Boyd
US National Track Champion

“I can’t say enough good things about Anat Baniel’s work. I honestly believe it’s made the difference between continuing my competitive running career and retiring prematurely.”

high performance
Carrie Edwards
Olympic Rower, Winner of 6 National Gold Medals

“I am now training for the next Olympic events. As extra benefits I have noticed that my running has become easier, my performance on exercise machines has improved and my recovery time is easier and shorter. All this without additional training!”

high performance
Daniel Kobialka
Violinist for the San Francisco Symphony

“Working with Anat Baniel is a total pleasure and exhilarating experience, especially for the performing musician who quickly benefits through her powerful work.”

Reach Higher Performance: Access Your Unlimited Potential with NeuroMovement

In today’s world, we are often taught to work harder, longer, stronger, faster, and then repeat: harder, longer, stronger, faster; repeat. This type of approach is what many of us have come to value and what we believe is the way to succeed in life.

What if what we really need to reach our maximum potential is exactly the opposite?

NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials are exactly that—a new paradigm for how you can access your unlimited potential through positive brain change. This Method provides you with a way to access new solutions to problems from a completely different place than what you’ve been taught your entire life. It’s a huge paradigm shift in how you approach learning and life.

Instead of harder, longer, stronger, faster….You need slow. You need gentle. You need movement with attention. You need variation. You need imagination and play.

NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials will help you reach higher levels of physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance. Learn about the fitness myths and how to use the Essentials to move beyond limitations.

This high performance method will help you to perform better in sports, music, dance, art, business, and most any place in your life.

A Martial Artist’s Experience with NeuroMovement: The Story of Peter

My first group workshop, as I remember, involved floor work—movements done while lying on mats—as well as lessons accomplished in the standing position. Though verbally directed and precise, these movements were also highly varied and creative, emphasizing personal exploration.

As a Chinese martial artist with decades of experience, I realized experientially then and there that what Anat was teaching could be deeply useful to me—both in my daily discipline and in life.

It quickly dawned on me that this was a way of learning optimal skeletal movement through recruiting brain and nervous system as co-partners.

Never before had I experienced such highly pleasurable, liberating movement—movement stripped “to the bone” through the elimination of personal chatter and interfering habitual patterns.

Yes, the method was science-based—integrating body, mind, and feeling. That made the results highly predictable.

But so also was the spontaneous magic. The magic came in the healing.

In such a context, healing flows by itself.

~Peter Hensel

A High Performance Method: NeuroMovement Awakens Your Brain to New Possibilities

To keep moving to higher levels of performance, any high performer must experience continued learning, change, and progress in the area of expertise. It is much more difficult for high performers to make meaningful improvements in performance than it is for beginners.

With NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials, your brain is awakened so that you can shift from habitual, automatic actions and discover new ways that will catapult you to higher levels of performance never before experienced.

For high performers, this is an exhilarating experience!

Rather than getting into a rut, you will experience renewed energy and enthusiasm for your career. You may also be surprised by how much better you can do.

An added bonus is the elimination of your aches and pains!

NeuroMovement®: The 9 Essentials

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