What Is Brain Plasticity?

What Is Brain Plasticity and Why Is It Important?

Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is the brain’s ability to change in response to our experiences, at any age. This remarkable ability of the brain is at the heart of learning, moving, thinking, performing, and the quality of our lives.


Dr. Michael Merzenich: One of the Most Influential Neuroscientists in the World

“Brain plasticity, also called neuroplasticity, is a common term used by neuroscientists, referring to the brain’s ability to change at any age–for better or worse.”
~Dr. Michael Merzenich

Neuroplasticity Science: The Brain Can Change At Any Age

Babies and children rely on neuroplasticity for all of their development and who they will become as adults. We now know that the same quality of neuroplasticity is available at any age.

Finding effective ways to activate positive brain change is of central importance for:
  • learning
  • overcoming limitations and pain
  • rehabilitation
  • helping children with special needs
  • reaching new levels of performance
  • maintaining a vibrant mind and body throughout the lifespan

positive brain change

Is All Brain Change Good?

Not necessarily. The brain can change for the better or for the worse. All we need to do is to observe the typical aging process: deteriorating balance, reduced flexibility and strength, diminished cognitive abilities, and greater aches and pains.

“When the brain stops growing and forming new connections and neural networks (patterns), this is when the brain starts losing connections, differentiation, dexterity, intelligence, and creativity.”
~Anat Baniel

The good news is that we can reverse negative brain change into positive brain change at any time.

NeuroMovement offers a direct way to wake up the neuroplasticity in your brain, independent of what you do. It will upgrade the quality of what you already know to do, and greatly facilitate learning the new. Learn more about this Method.
What Can Positive Brain Change Do For You?

The brain organizes all movement, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. When the brain is provided with new information it needs, it can bring about rapid and dramatic positive changes that defy what we normally believe is possible.

Through the continued process of positive brain change, you get a better, stronger brain that can improve every aspect of your functioning, your experience, and your life. Following are the outcomes of positive brain change that we have seen in our clients:

  • reduction or elimination of aches and pains
  • increased flexibility of movement without stretching, forcing, or injury
  • improved cognitive clarity, flexibility, and creativity
  • increased muscular strength
  • recovery from stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI), way beyond what is currently known and considered to be possible
  • better functioning and easing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • more powerful learning, which helps children with special needs to overcome many challenges, leading to fuller lives
  • enhanced performance and higher skill levels in athletes, dancers, musicians, CEO’s, and other high performers
  • increased energy, vitality, and resilience
  • enhanced awareness and well-being
Use Brain Plasticity Principles to Manage Brain Health
NeuroMovement® offers a direct way to wake up the neuroplasticity in your brain.

It will upgrade the quality of what you already know to do, and greatly facilitate learning the new. NeuroMovement® utilizes a very large repertoire of functional movements which can be done in groups, at home, or in private with certified practitioners. These movements are combined with the 9 Essentials, which together provide the brain with the new information it needs to learn and transcend current limitations.

What Doctors and Scientists Say

A growing number of brain scientists, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, parents, and others are endorsing and using the brain plasticity strategies and principles of Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®.
Michael Merzenich

“Anat Baniel has developed powerful, practical strategies for improving your abilities and building a better, stronger brain supported by the neuroscience of brain plasticity…”

DR. MICHAEL MERZENICH, PhD, Winner of the 2016 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience & Author of Soft-Wired
Jill Bolte Taylor

“Anat applies the exact same principles when helping people overcome limitation that I used to recover my brain and body from stroke. She understands that for any meaningful change to happen in the way we think, move, and use our body, the change has to happen in the brain.”

DR. JILL BOLTE TAYLOR, PhD, Neuroanatomist & Bestselling Author of My Stroke of Insight and TED Talk
Norman Doidge

“The approach [ABM NeuroMovement] here, far wiser, far more subtle, truly holistic, far more ingenious, far more in accord with how brain development occurs, shows ways to access brain plasticity and yields far greater results.”

NORMAN DOIDGE, MD, Author of The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing

NeuroMovement®: The 9 Essentials

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