NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 32

Conversation with Special Guest Rick Hanson

Episode 32 – Conversation with Special Guest Rick Hanson

Growing the Inner Trifecta of Calm, Contentment, and Love
In these unprecedented times of the corona virus pandemic, developing inner calm, resilience, and well-being is especially important. For parents homeschooling their children, and for those with a child with special needs, these practices taught by Dr. Rick Hanson, a Master teacher, therapist, and scientist, are invaluable.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Rick Hanson discuss:

  • why Rick participated in the documentary A Life Unbound
  • how we can all develop the heart of resilience (calm, contentment, love)
  • how we can use positive neuroplasticity to create lasting change
  • how to create positive experiences for children with special needs, and for all children
  • quick tips for creating inner calm and a demonstration of a simple 3-breath practice
  • related questions from the audience

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