Story of Alex: A Boy with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

“Alexander has been diagnosed with mixed-type cerebral palsy and scoliosis. He had been initially diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy at 9 months and had missed all of his major developmental milestones. He has received occupational, physical, and speech therapy since he was around a year old and except for speech therapy which ended last year, and he continues to receive these therapies today.

While he has made great progress over the years with these conventional therapies, there were still areas of challenge that were not being addressed until we found Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement].

Alex has been diagnosed with a nine degree C-curvature of the spine in February 2006. His right shoulder appeared lower than his left and his right hip appeared higher than his left. He has some slight kyphosis with more rounded shoulders, winged scapulas, and some lordosis in the lower back.

Since starting lessons at the ABM Center in May 2006, we have seen many encouraging and dramatic improvements. Alexander’s spinal alignment has improved. His shoulders and hips are now more level. We have also seen improvements in his kyphosis and forward head projection. Alex is less awkward in his movements. He has much more flexibility in his trunk and spine than he previously had lending more freedom in movement and fluidity to his quality of movement that he did not have before. His weight is more balanced over his spine and he sits and stands straighter.

Alex is at an age where there is so much more growing to do. This future growth, combined with cerebral palsy as a contributing factor, creates the very real possibility that his scoliosis could become worse as he matures.

With Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement], we have hope that his prognosis for the future will remain bright and that he will continue to enjoy the ability to engage in the everyday activities and sports as other children. We are very grateful for the financial help from the Anat Baniel Method Foundation since we would be unable to continue with the needed lessons at the frequency he needs to make greater progress without that help.”

—Valerie, Alexander’s Mom