Story of Kaden: A Boy with Scoliosis

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

Kaden was casted for scoliosis in August and he was re-casted in late October. We were scheduled to get his third cast in early January but decided against it since his curve seemed to be progressing (49 degrees compared to 41 degrees before the first casting) rather than regressing.

The ortho recommended we try bracing next to slow down what seemed to be a steadily progressing curve, but we decided against it for the time being.

We continued ABM [NeuroMovement] with Carla while we hoped for the best and researched treatment options.

Well, miraculously, Kaden had a follow up appointment last week and his curve measured 32 degrees. We were thrilled!!

Though we’re not at all sure why there was a 17 degree change in the last 8 weeks, I suspect the range of movement in Kaden’s spine is somewhat greater than the average kid due to his therapy….

Carla is doing a great job! We absolutely believe that she and ABM [NeuroMovement] have been key to Kaden’s physical development and the overall management of his scoliosis.”

—Anita, Kaden’s Mom