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When we are fit, we can feel the power in our muscles, we can see our body change shape as we improve our fitness level. So it’s understandable that our focus, when we want to get fit, is primarily on our muscles.

Yet, any change in our fitness level is preceded by a change in our brain. In other words when any fitness training results in a positive, or negative change, it means that there have been some changes in the patterns and the mapping of our body in the brain.

I thought I was a model ‘aging client.’ Now I feel more like a high level performer. After the seminar, I had five times more stamina at (dance) practice than I ever had, and the performance Friday night was excellent.

~Jose D

Focus on Your Brain Not Your Muscles

With the Anat Baniel Method and the Nine Essentials, rather than focusing attention on the muscles and hoping that somehow the brain will create effective and harmonious patterns, we provide the conditions that flood the brain with the new information it needs to successfully create the necessary connections that lead to increased fitness and well-being.

Whether you’re already a world-class athlete or a beginner on the path to greater fitness, your brain is at the ready to make movement easier and you more powerful. The brain’s ability to make positive quantum changes is often experienced by students of this method as miraculous.

You can begin benefiting from this work through our DVD and CD programs, through private sessions, and through workshops.

The Nine Essentials that wake up the brain to create these powerful changes expose a number of commonly accepted beliefs about fitness, vitality, and anti-aging as myths.

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