NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 22

Back to School – Using the 9 Essentials for Academic Learning

Episode 22 – Back to School – Using the 9 Essentials for Academic Learning

It’s an exciting time for children, parents, and teachers as the new school year begins. In this episode, we answer questions from parents and teachers, and discuss how the 9 Essentials can be applied in the classroom to help promote learning for all children.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • their recent experience working with a school system in Canada—a special project to train teachers, aides, and staff to apply the 9 Essentials in the classroom
  • what teachers teach and what children learn are two independent processes—recognizing this leads to a revolution in the way we think about and approach teaching and academia
  • the importance of using the 9 Essentials to create new possibilities and learning, NOT as a way to get an immediate outcome or to try to “make” a child learn a specific skill
  • “If he could, he would; if she could, she would.” The best way to facilitate learning and progress is to start where children are at, using the Essentials to connect with them and to provide the best conditions for learning
  • specific tips and examples of how to use the Essentials to move from fixing to connecting, and to provide learning opportunities for children on the autism spectrum, children with cerebral palsy, and children with other special needs

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