If you’re doing Anat Baniel Method (ABM) movements from my book Move Into Life or from one of our ABM NeuroMovement DVD or CD programs and feel ANY pain, please slow down and do less of the movement causing pain. Do the movement very gently.

If the pain persists when you are doing less movement more slowly and gently, then stop!

Pain is a message from your body that the particular way you are doing the movement is damaging to you.

Instead of pressing ahead, simply visualize the movement. Research shows that you can get almost the same benefit from visualizing a movement as you can from actually performing it.

Some of the lessons in our programs coach you on visualizing moves as a basic part of the lesson. After visualizing for awhile, you can try doing the movement again in very small and gentle increments to see if your brain has discovered another way to accomplish the movement pain-free.

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