Can My Child Get to “Normal” and How Long Will It Take?

With the Anat Baniel Method (ABM) NeuroMovement, while we are well aware of what the child is doing and not doing, and what changes in cognition, emotion, behavior, and ability to connect with others we would like for the child to achieve, with ABM we focus on the process.

We know that a brain that is compromised in its ability to perceive differences, differentiate, and integrate is unable to perform what we would like for him or her to be able to do.

Our focus is in improving the underlying functioning of the brain as a whole and with a better, stronger brain, the child on the autism spectrum will begin moving, thinking, and feeling better!

We look to connect with the child where he is and there we use the Nine Essentials and the power of NeuroMovement® to get the brain to do its job better. We avoid drilling and lots of repetitions because we know that the brain learns its experience, including its limitations. We look for differentiation and change.

Autism In Children—What to Expect with the Anat Baniel Method

Just like with a healthy typically developing child, the process is that differentiation and integration begets more differentiation and integration. No one expects a three-month-old baby to speak, but if that child is not babbling, it’s very likely they will exhibits difficulties with speech later on.

We can’t tell in advance how far the child will go. What we can do, is seek to have the child grow and improve, then grow and improve some more, and then some more, just like a healthy child does.

As long as there is movement—a process of improvement—there is no limit to what is possible. When the process stops, we know the limit.

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