More About What to Do to Get More Energy and Revitalize Your Life

People used to believe that as we aged, it’s all down hill and there is little we can do about it. It was also believed that the brain stops growing and evolving after the first few years of life and that it can only change for the worse as we move through life. Aches and pains, flexibility, strength of mind and body, and life becoming smaller and more restricted is still a belief of many, but it is actually not the case.

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® has helped tens of thousands of people reduce and even eliminate aches and pains while greatly increasing strength and flexibility. The Nine Essentials of this Method literally wake up the brain to resume creating new connections and possibilities the way young children do. The Essentials help you to develop a better-working brain, regain easy, comfortable, and effective movement, whatever you do, and help you to thrive.

Recent research on rats close to the end of their lives has shown that by waking up their brains to resume creating new connections, all the signs of aging they were suffering,such as great physical weakness, loss of coordination, and reduced cognitive acuity, were reversed!

When you begin applying the Essentials in your life, you will experience immediate changes on physical, cognitive, and emotional levels. Learn more about the Essentials by reading Anat Baniel’s bestselling book Move Into Life: NeuroMovement® for Lifelong Vitality. You can also experience the power of NeuroMovement lessons and begin energizing yourself now by doing one of our NeuroMovement DVDs or Online Video Programs.

Rediscover the time when you were bursting with energy, curiosity and creativity….when your body felt strong and flexible, free of aches and pains.

The Story of Dolores: A 50-Year-Old with Severe Back and Foot Pain

Dolores, a successful professional woman in her early fifties, came to the Anat Baniel Method Center suffering from severe pain in her back and feet. She had surgery to her neck, foot, and leg during the previous ten years. Now she could barely walk, and was afraid to bend down. She was always tired, and despite repeated attempts she was unable to participate in activities with her husband and two children.

Dolores began receiving private sessions from the ABM Team. In between sessions she did daily movement lessons with the DVD programs, learning how to apply the Nine Essentials in all her activities. Over three months Dolores gradually grasped that the solution to pain was to create new patterns of movement and thinking in her brain patterns to relieve her many aches and pains. Dolores began feeling some improvement right away but was still fearful that she might not ever fully recover.

As Dolores continued to explore new ways of moving and thinking, bringing motion to parts of her body that she neglected her whole life and discovering new ways of thinking about herself and her situation, her improvements accelerated. Within three months, she was able to travel with her family to Europe and was able to explore new places on foot for a few hours every day.

Today Dolores walks two hours a day, is back to hiking with her husband up to six hours on the weekends, and has started swimming. She has let go of many of her limiting emotional reactions and thought patterns. Dolores is applying the Essentials regularly and has renewed energy and joy in her life.