ABM NeuroMovement® Helps Muscular Dystrophy, Chronic Pain, and More

Stories of Two Adults with Difficult Challenges and How the Anat Baniel Method® Helped

We appreciate all the incredible stories that were entered in our recent Contest. Thank you again for sharing your experiences with the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM). This is the third in a series of blog posts featuring the ABM Stories that we received. Please refer to the NeuroMovement Resources in our Blog to view the previous posts and stories.

The Story of Peggy

To say that ABM is Miraculous is an Understatement!

I’ve suffered with FSPH Muscular Dystrophy since I was a teen; that’s that loss of major muscle groups. And in 2001, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. [Learn more about muscular dystrophy (MD) and multiple sclerosis (MS).]

My physical abilities were deteriorating, I was on caustic drugs, had numb feet, was stumbling from foot drop, never walking alone, was too stubborn to buy a cane, and using a wheelchair when traveling.

Peggy on horseback

Here’s Peggy horseback riding last June—the first time in more than a decade—and she wasn’t in pain the next day!

Then two years ago, my doctor told me about David Singleton, then an ABM Student and now an ABM Practitioner. David & I have done lessons almost weekly or 2 times a week since then.

Meeting Anat and her wonderful staff members while attending a 2-day seminar in Denver, in May of 2013, helped me learn even more of the mechanics.

My neurologist was happy & weepy-eyed seeing my progress. She’d known of *Feldenkrais but never had a patient.

[*Note: Anat Baniel has evolved her Method from the seminal work of Dr. Moshé Feldenkrais, her close mentor and friend. Read about the Evolution of the Method.]

David has guided me to a new level. Yesterday, after our group lesson, I was stepping off the ball of my foot, and it was like a bright light went on, a sensation I’d not felt before.

Then today after our private ABM lesson, I walked with almost a normal gait!! Is that not incredible?

No other therapy could have or has helped me like ABM. With tears of joy, I thank David, Anat, and all those who have helped with those many movement lessons. I look forward to the future and to walking to my next lesson!

Sincerely, Peggy Smith from Silverthorne, CO

To learn more about ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner David Singleton, go to www.summitmovementcenter.comDavid is based in Frisco, Colorado.

The Story of Maria

My health started to decline from the age of six when I had a very traumatic accident. I fell off a horse and smashed my head into a rock, concussed and was very battered, bruised, and completely numb, unable to move. My body and its movements never felt the same after that. I was further subjected to severe pain when I was involved in three car accidents. The accidents and difficult child births resulted in severe pain and chronic fatigue that lasted for decades.

I searched every field covering every corner of the earth to find a way to heal my body. This ranged from traditional modern day scientific medicinal methods to alternative, natural, and ancient healing methods. Although each method helped me a little, it was temporary relief. Hence, the pain and chronic fatigue was “allowed” to negatively affect and limit every aspect of my life. Your method of healing did not allow that to go on the moment I tried it.

What your method of healing was able to achieve, NOTHING was able to achieve.

All those “presumed” irreversible damages to my body have disappeared. My body has gone back to what it felt like, and to an extent even what it looked like, as a youth.

My body moves with fluency and with grace. I feel strong and have high levels of energy. As a result, emotionally I feel powerful, free, and liberated. This has positively changed my life in so many ways. I have the energy and suppleness of a child now. I even look different.

The beauty and paradox of this method is that I achieved all these miraculous results with techniques that are so gentle and elegant. What you have created, in my experiential learning and assessment, is one of the most powerful healing practices in the world. Your method originally focuses on healing the body and brain, and in the process of doing so, it heals one’s soul in unimaginable ways.

With Immense Respect & Gratitude, Maria N. from Sydney, Australia

Maria actually wrote us a letter with her story awhile ago, which we featured in a previous blog post. Read her complete story here: A Journey from Pain and Chronic Fatigue to Health and Healing.

Thank you, Peggy and Maria, for allowing us to share your inspiring stories! Anat Baniel

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