Story of Grace: An 85-Year-Old Who Suffered a Stroke

Her Miraculous Recovery with Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) NeuroMovement®

NeuroMovement® Testimonial: A Personal Letter from Grace

“Dear Anat,

I would like to tell you about my experiences and the impact of Anat Baniel Method® [ABM NeuroMovement] on my recovery from a stroke on October 12, 2013.

I have been practicing your method almost daily for over eight years, at first doing a lesson at a time and later 20 minutes a day plus 20 minutes of other exercises. I began using your method after moving into my condo and seeing other women selling their units because as they aged, they could not go up and down 17 stairs. You were recommended by my daughter’s doctor for MS and she suggested I try it. She gave me several of your CDs and one video.

I am now 85 years of age and last year I had an ‘acute’ stroke in the ‘pons’ area of my brain which affected almost all areas to some degree. My doctors were amazed at how well I responded to their initial examinations, the pressure and strength I had in my hands and legs. They are also amazed at my quick recovery less than four months later.

I immediately started doing ABM [NeuroMovement] movements in the hospital and continued when I got home. My most challenging areas were balance and speech. I remembered your discs, Healthy Necks, Vol 1, CD 4, Imagination and Head Structure, particularly the mouth and tongue. Also Healthy Backs, Vol 1, CD 6, The Power Center, Breathing and Oscillating.

To make a long story short, on my third visit, I was ‘discharged’ by my Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. And by continuing their therapies and your methods of awareness, concentration, isolating of muscles, and determination, I was walking unassisted within weeks and driving within two-and-a-half months. What is so interesting is that the speech therapist used almost all of your tongue movements in your Healthy Necks CD.

I am very close to a full recovery. I am sure my doctors and therapists are tired of hearing my praises about your method and would hope they would consider recommending them to other patients.

The right side of my mouth was affected and I noticed that the right bottom lip was pulled up over my lower teeth and my smile was peculiar. With your training, I was able to isolate that area, devise a simple exercise, and within weeks it was corrected and I now have a better smile.

No works can express my sincere gratefulness and thanks.


—Grace L.