Kids Beyond Limits

Anat Baniel’s scientifically based, cutting edge work has been transforming the lives of children with special needs for more than 30 years. This practical and informative book describes how to apply her Nine Essentials to deepen your understanding of what your child needs to overcome special challenges and dramatically improve his or her emotional, intellectual and physical abilities.

The book includes success stories of children with a vast range of difficult challenges—from autism to complex genetic issues. It reveals how more traditional approaches limit what’s possible for your child by trying to “train” them to perform developmental milestones they are not ready for. Baniel’s unique approach is truly holistic and in accord with how the brain grows. Discover why the author wins praises of parents, children and professionals, and how you can apply her approach to help your own child.

Kids Beyond Limits Book Foreword

Kids Beyond Limits Book Foreword

Read the book foreword from  world renowned neuroscientist, Michael Merzenich PhD

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praise for kbl

Praise for Kids Beyond Limits

Kids Beyond Limits is a great gift to every person who loves a child in great need of help

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