Why Does Lynne McTaggart Endorse Anat Baniel’s Method?

Anat Approaches Movement from the Point of View of Brain Science

Lynne McTaggart“Anat Baniel is an extraordinary pioneer who combines her understanding of movement with brain plasticity and the mind-body connection. She’s been called ‘one of the world’s best kept secrets.’

I’ve seen Anat speak in person and watched her videos, and she truly is a revolutionary in the field.

What makes her more than just another movement expert is that she approaches movement from the point of view of brain science.

Anat has developed a host of strategies, supported by research, both to strengthen the brain and also to approach movement holistically so that you increase your overall vitality at any age.

She’s also worked with many children with developmental problems and overcome them through movement.”

—Lynne McTaggert, Award-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author,
Co-Founder and Editor of What Doctors Don’t Tell You