Experience Changes with the Anat Baniel Method

Practitioners of the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) use gentle, innovative techniques to help the brain of their students—adult or child—form new neural connections and patterns that move them beyond their current limitations.

While it is a process, you should expect to see some changes within the first few lessons. Sometimes the changes are very subtle, and sometimes they are quite dramatic.

We Will Recommend an ABM Program

After our initial consultation and the first few sessions, we will recommend an ABM program for you or your child. We might use one, or both modalities of the method with your child.

When working with children we almost always have at least one of the parents or caretakers in the room during the session.

We often recommend intensive programs that facilitate change in the brain and breakthroughs beyond existing limitations.

With ABM, we will not try to make you or your child do what you can’t.

For example, when a child is unable to come up to sitting, crawl or stand up on his own, we will avoid trying to have him be in this position until he has figured out how to do it himself, with no help or with minimal help.

Your Brain Will Wake Up with New Information

We work with the whole person and with waking up the brain and providing it with lots of new information. This approach will form intentionality and develop the underlying connections leading to acquiring new skills.