The Nine Essentials are not different. They are the same principles, presented in both of Anat’s books Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits.

The brain of the child with special needs operates under the same principles as any human brain. In fact, the brains of children with special needs can be magnificent brains. We simply have to help their brains overcome the specific challenges they have. The Nine Essentials are the way to get there.

We use the Nine Essentials to maximize the child’s brain in problem-solving and developing successfully. They help children overcome limitations—physical, cognitive, and emotional/interpersonal—and help them to develop more fully and be happier.

We use the Nine Essentials to wake up our adult brains to create new patterns and further development. They have dramatic effects on anti-aging, pain relief, and increased well-being.

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement and its Nine Essentials, help upgrade the quality of the functioning of any brain. That is why they are useful across all age groups and so many different conditions and needs.

We can all be brilliant learners!

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