Story of Gus: A Child with Limited Movement

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

Gus OBrien - NeuroMovement“Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement] has given us our son back. The influence this work has had on him is far too great to even try to describe with words but I will try to brush the surface.

Gus wouldn’t look at or track a toy in front of his face. He didn’t hold or reach for anything. We were desperate to know what was wrong and how to help him.

When Gus was 5 months old, we scheduled 6 lessons of ABM [NeuroMovement] over 3 days. In the very first session, within the first 5-10 minutes, it was like Gus woke up. He had laser-like focus for Jon, the ABM [NeuroMovement] practitioner. Our fears of him being blind were way off!!

In the second lesson he turned his head from far left to far right to track a toy. By the third, he actually reached for a toy. I cried with joy!

We then traveled out to California to the ABM Center to have Anat Baniel evaluate and work with our son. We had 10 lessons while we there, two a day on the weekdays. Anat saw us for 3 of those, and we saw Sylvia and Neil for the rest.

Here is what happened:

Gus started holding his own bottle to feed himself. He is kicking and moving his legs much more freely. He plays using both hands so much better. His left arm and hand are working much better now.

Then the big miracle: HE ROLLED AND ROLLED AND ROLLED!!!”

—Christi O’Brian, Mother of Gus