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About the course

Are you a parent, Grandparent, caregiver, teacher, or therapist to a child with special challenges? Do you feel that there is an intelligent, loving, “hidden” child in there that could do and be what at this time seems out of reach? You may be wondering what is possible for my child?

In this course you will discover that almost always the child, and also you, can do better. You will learn new ways of thinking, feeling, and doing, that open new possibilities that can be surprising in their immediacy and simplicity. (this course is geared for the general public and is not a practitioner training)

When we perceive something as broken, the natural tendency is to try and fix it. This can work well with inanimate objects. Humans need connections to grow and thrive. In this 11-week course you will explore, experience and experiment with the meaning and practice of shifting from fixing to connecting and discover its remarkable positive power and will be able to use it in your daily life with your child.

For more information, visit myanatbanielmethod.com/sp/from-fixing-to-connecting-online-course.


April 30
August 23