A Child with Down Syndrome

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

My son is 11 years old and he has Down syndrome, sensory processing disorder, verbal apraxia, hypotonia, dysarthria, and feeding difficulties. Overall, he is nonverbal.

He has been receiving ABM [NeuroMovement lessons] since November 2011 once a week. Before receiving ABM, he was not able to detect his need to empty his bladder and he was put on a schedule to go to the restroom.

Now he is communicating his need to go to the restroom and initiating his trips to the restroom. Also, he significantly decreased the number of his accidents (once in two months, compared to several times a week).

He has become more interactive with family members (he has begun to play with his little sister and “to visit” us in our bedroom to snuggle with us, etc.)

He has expanded his range of communication with other people using his device and is experimenting with new sounds. He has been able to progress better with his feeding/chewing therapy and improving his tongue movement.

His posture has improved as well, as a result of his legs narrowing from a wider base to a more typical base.

His physical therapist also noticed that he has become more coordinated and improved his balance.

He is also more active and curious about his environment and more engaged with other people during social contacts.

Thank you so much for your help!!

—Larissa, Parent