Anat Baniel Shares Her Experience at the Autism One Conference

Chicago, May 23-27, 2012

From the moment I arrived at the Westin hotel, my experience at the Autism One Conference was intense and remarkable. Being in the company of hundreds of parents of children on the autism spectrum and children diagnosed with down-syndrome (as an adjunct to this conference) was deeply moving and sobering.

Every parent at this event is deeply committed to finding ways to help their children improve and thrive. I was lucky to be introduced to this conference by Dr. Martha Herbert of Harvard Medical School, who has a central role in the biomed-track of looking to help children on the autism spectrum and doing it from a holistic point of view.

Through Martha, I met Teri Arranga, the organizer of this event who worked tirelessly before and during the event to create this platform for all of us. The professionals I met and listened to included Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of the HIV virus, who is now looking for ways to help children on the autism spectrum, amazing scientists and practitioners ranging from integrative pediatrics medicine – Dr. Maya Shertreat-Klein – to different alternative experimental therapeutic approaches.

Dr. Herbert and I presented a joint panel and later that day I offered a two and a half hour workshop on the Anat Baniel Method, brain plasticity and how to drive positive changes in children on the autism spectrum. Both sessions were extremely well received. The Anat Baniel Method Chicago area teachers – Suzi, Claire, Pat, Patty, Victoria, and Karen were there to help and inform the parents.

It was so wonderful to have Kids Beyond Limits to offer parents as always to further introduce the ideas behind the Anat Baniel Method.

I’m grateful for the opportunity for all of us to contribute to this community.

Anat Baniel