Anat Baniel Teaches at Alison Armstrong’s PAX World Tour Seminar

This past weekend, I taught at Alison Armstrong’s PAX World Tour Seminar. It was an amazing experience! I love Alison’s work—she offers amazing workshops in the area of relationships and partnerships. Below is the description of our topic.

How Trying to be Attractive Prevents Us from Being Attractive.

Alison will be exploring with world-renowned neuromuscular educator, Anat Baniel, how the postures we assume to attract the opposite sex have the actual effect of diminishing our strength, vitality and sense of self. Anat will lead us through physical movements to reestablish the partnership between our brains and our bodies. Anat’s work has transformed Alison’s body and she’s thrilled to share this special guest with her beloved graduates.

Alison felt that the Anat Baniel Method® would be a great way to help her students embody different aspects of her teaching. It was wonderful for me to teach my work to a group of 175 open-minded and open-hearted fantastic people, and to partner with Alison.

And, as always, it was inspiring and deeply moving for me to hear some of the changes and transformations that people experienced.

I strongly recommend that you check Alison’s work at PAX Programs: Your Source for Understanding Men and Women.

If you were at the seminar, I would love to hear your feedback!

Anat Baniel