Story of Agustin: A Boy with Cerebral Palsy

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

“Agustin is the fourth of six children. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

In July 2007, we met with Anat for the first time. Anat told us to remove Agustin’s leg braces and to stop the eye patch therapy for his lazy eye. It took only a few lessons before he started to walk with ease without his braces and a few more lessons before he was able to pick himself up off of the floor to stand and walk.

When he had his braces, we would have to put him in a standing position when he wanted to walk. And when he fell, he could not pick himself back up due to the rigidity of the braces, and his lack of balance and strength….

His former school was so impressed with his progress that his former teacher is interested in becoming a practitioner. His former principal has said that she would like to see her staff trained by Anat as well. Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement] has also impressed family and friends….

After one year and three months, a total of 176 lessons, the boy who could barely walk, now walks up stairs, walks backwards, twirls himself, pulls himself up to a standing position from the floor, picks things up from the floor while remaining in a standing position, squats, walks on tip toes, and even runs!

As for his lazy eye, I honestly can’t even remember if it was his right or his left.

We are currently working on speech.

Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement] has certainly made a big difference in the life of our son, as well as our entire family.”

—Christine, Agustin’s Mom