If you ever suffered from back, neck, shoulder, hip, or any other kind of pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Your attention keeps going back to wanting to eliminate the aches and pains you have. Your movements are restricted, your energy is depleted, and oftentimes those around you find it hard to relate to your very real suffering, because it is invisible to them. You keep wishing and wondering how to find relief from the tension and discomfort you are feeling in your body.

It is very natural to focus on the area that is painful, for example the low back, and try to do something to make the pain go away, such as massaging, stretching, or rubbing the area very hard. Doing that can be somewhat helpful, at least temporarily. And then, of course, there is medication, which is helpful short-term, but can be damaging or addictive long-term.

Pain Is Caused by Habits of Movement

What often is not understood is that pain is caused by deeply ingrained habits of movement; by the way the whole body is organized to move. And these habits are formed in the brain. It is the brain that organizes all movement, thought, feeling, and emotion. This means that to get rid of pain, we need to change the patterns of movement in the brain. We need to discover new ways to move our body as a whole.

Even when the pain is caused by an external trauma to the body, such as sports injury, accidents and surgery, the solution still lies in creating new, pain-free patterns of movement in the brain.

After doing these movement lessons I’m free of back pain and walk around in my body in a comfortable, relaxed and elegant way…Many many thanks to you, Anat, for some of the best ‘body stuff’ ever. I’ve been massaged, Rolfed and chiro’d – this is the best.

~ Mirana Wagner

Get Pain Relief with the Anat Baniel Method: Wake Up Your Brain

And this is exactly what the Anat Baniel Method does. The rich repertoire of gentle and safe movement exercises together with the Nine Essentials of the Method take advantage of the transformative powers of the brain to change itself and heal the body. These exercises wake up the brain and flood it with new information.

The brain uses this information to rapidly form new patterns of movement, thought, feeling, and emotion that are pain free. The pain goes away as your brain keeps changing and evolving, creating better alternatives for you. And at the same time, you will become stronger and more flexible, your thinking will get clearer and more creative, and you’ll be able to move back into your life more fully and joyfully.

[As a result of taking the workshop] I am standing and walking without pain and I’m experiencing periods of increased vitality.

~ Uma Sarason