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Making the Impossible Possible: The Story of Sammy
Sammy with ABM Practitioner Sylvia Shordike

Sammy with Practitioner Sylvia Shordike

We recently received the following message and video from Anna, mother of Sammy, a boy with whom we have been working for over a year now.

An MRI after Sammy’s birth showed brain damage, and his parents were told that Sammy had cerebral palsy.

Sammy came to the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Center, because his parents wanted to give him every possible chance at having a happy, healthy life.

Sammy has been working with ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioners Sylvia Shordike and Neil Sharp, shown in the photos here. (Click on the photos of Sammy to enlarge them.)

Sammy with ABM Practitioner Neil Sharp

Sammy with Practitioner Neil Sharp

Anna sends us short video clips and updates of the new things Sammy is learning to do. We love getting these videos! They are great fun to watch, and we are so inspired by this brilliant little learner Sammy.

Following is the message from Anna:

We celebrated Sammy’s one year anniversary of receiving ABM Lessons today. We had some wonderful (and cranky) lessons with Sylvia. I wanted to share some images and video of Sammy working on what he learned in ABM. He has begun to move himself forward. Actually while I type this he is hopping and scooting forward…and now falling. Pretty unbelievable for me, honestly.

Check out this video clip of Sammy moving towards and wanting to play the guitar!

I also just wanted to let you all know how much ABM has meant to us as a family. The office is such a warm and inviting space. I look forward to every lesson; and the friendly faces and overwhelming sense of hope and positivity.

The work and [NeuroMovement] concepts behind ABM have helped Sammy to heal and learn in ways we were told was impossible.

The ABM office, and all of you who work there, have helped to heal our family and helped us learn how to celebrate and appreciate what is, instead of focusing on what is not. Truly, a place of healing and joy for us!

Thank you all for being in our lives, and loving our son.

Anna, Sammy’s Mom

Thank you, Anna, for this beautiful message, for the video clips, and for keeping us updated on Sammy’s progress. We are thrilled that NeuroMovement®  is making a difference in your family’s life!

Anat Baniel

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