Announcing our ABM Giveaway Winners!

Celebrating Our ABM NeuroMovement® Community

Thank you to all who participated in our ABM Giveaway, celebrating 10,000 Likes on our Facebook page!

ALL of you will be receiving access to our 9 Essentials videos and the 10 related NeuroMovement®Lesson videos as a special gift for signing up. Watch for the email from us, coming early next week.

Congratulations to the winners in our ABM Giveaway!

The Grand Prize Winner is Jara S.

Jara will receive a free registration to one of our upcoming ABM NeuroMovement®: Children with Special Needs Workshops.

See all of our upcoming events here.

The following list of people won a free NeuroMovement® video streaming program:NeuroMovement Celebration

  • Kelly Miller
  • Natasa Tosanovic
  • Beth Spitzley
  • Tim W.
  • Roberto Pasquariello
  • Phaedra Taiarol
  • Elina Z.
  • Dolly Lai
  • Alaa J.
  • Aida K.
  • Nadia T.
  • Sheena S.
  • Irene L.
  • Elise Z.
  • Geulah N.
  • Lisa B.
  • Nesreen M.
  • Jessica F.
  • Lori-ann E.
  • Karen T.

You will be receiving an email notification giving you access to the NeuroMovement® streaming video program that you chose.

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To insure that you receive our message, our Social Media Coordinator Chris will be sending out a 2nd notification message so please check your email if your name is on this list.

Thank you again for being a part of our ever-growing ABM NeuroMovement community. We appreciate your interest and your efforts in letting others know about the transformational life changes that can happen with this work.

You are helping in our mission to reach as many children and adults as possible!

Wishing great health for you all,

Anat Baniel