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How Can Movement Wake Up Your Brain?

movement-language of the brain

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® is a revolutionary, holistic approach to human functioning and health. The Method uses movement in ways that awaken the remarkable capacity of the brain to create new connections and new possibilities. People overcome pain, reverse aging, and reach new levels of performance in seemingly miraculous ways.

“Movement Is the Language of the Brain.”

~Anat Baniel

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Michael Merzenich: The Power of Brain Plasticity

Michael Merzenich, PhD, is one of the most influential neuroscientists in the world and is considered by many to be the “father” of brain plasticity science. Dr. Merzenich was awarded the 2016 Kavli Prize in Neuroscience, and he is the author of the book Soft-Wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life.

View the video clip below to see Dr. Merzenich speak on the power of brain plasticity and how it can help you have a better life.

Michael Merzenich brain plasticity video

“Anat applies the exact same principles when helping people overcome limitation that I used to recover my brain and body from stroke. She understands that for any meaningful change to happen in the way we think, move, and use our body, the change has to happen in the brain.” ~Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, Neuroanatomist, and Bestselling Author of My Stroke of Insight book and TED Talk

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Experience the Transformational Power of Movement With Attention

Movement is the language of the brain, and your brain is the great organizer of that movement, managing trillions of connections associated with every single action, large or small. The moment you bring attention to your movement, any movement, research shows that the brain resumes growing new connections and creating new pathways and possibilities. You can experience this yourself with this 10-minute NeuroMovement Video Lesson with Anat Baniel.

Movement with Attention video lesson

Experience the Transformational Power of the Learning Switch

The brain is either in a learning mode—the learning switch is on—or not. For the brain to properly do its job, the learning switch needs to be on. Repetition, drill, and everyday stresses, as well as habitual patterns of thought, exercise, and emotions, tend to turn the learning switch off. The Video Lesson below demonstrates the importance of learning and how everyone can learn very quickly once the switch is turned on.

The Learning Switch video lesson

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