The Story of a 5-Year-Old Russian Girl with Cerebral Palsy

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

We receive many testimonials and stories of transformation from parents of children with cerebral palsy, from all around the world. Our Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioners also share with us the work that they do and the amazing results. The account below is particularly moving and is from one of our Practitioners.

The dad of a 5-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy sent me a message…

He said that his daughter had such severe spasticity that it was making her scream and cry in pain a lot of times, that in 5 years of her life she never slept longer than a few hours, because pain and discomfort would wake her up. And then parents had to hold her and get her to sleep again.

Then he said they’ve started implementing ABM principles, trying to help her relax in many little different ways, with light touch and water and cloth and support, instead of stretching and moving her. And he said in just 3 weeks, she is able to relax her legs now and that she sleeps without crying or waking up through the whole night.

I was so amazed and so touched. And all of this is just based on the books and video; they’ve never even seen an ABM NeuroMovment or Feldenkrais Practitioner.

He said it’s like a true miracle not just for her, but for the whole family—because now they all can sleep through the night.

Dad said that it changes their whole world…

They were so used to strict regime of exercises and going through her pain and now they just enjoy everything they do…and they get better results than years of other therapy gave them. He was so excited!