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  • Over 23 hours of video content delivered as streaming video OR on DVDs (USA formatted) recorded during a live workshop event. This Workshop has sold out every year at a cost of $5500 / person, but you can get this same information for a fraction of that cost. This program is available as streaming video viewable on computer, tablet or smart phone with a minimum 1MB/sec download speed, OR on DVDs (USA NTSC Format), or order the combo and get the streaming video for free when you buy the DVDs. Price shown is for Streaming Video Only.  For Physical Media (16 DVDs), add $50. CLICK HERE For Detailed Information on this product or scroll down for quick information. Click the button to buy your copy of this life-altering program.
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    This package contains 4 new NeuroMovement® video programs: Whole Body Fitness, Better Balance, Healthy Dynamic Sitting and Better Breathing. These programs address 4 different areas that are essential for a healthy, vibrant, and radiant body and mind. When sold separately, these programs retail for $99.95 each, for a total value of $399 for 12 hours of cutting-edge NeuroMovement lessons.
  • Join the thousands of people who experienced a dramatic increase in flexibility, strength, and dexterity throughout their whole body by taking advantage of the brain's remarkable ability to change for the better.
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    The NeuroMovement® Vitality, Anti-Aging & Well-Being Online Program is a recorded 5-day workshop that includes 11 movement lessons, 8 presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a bonus discussion, a Q&A Session with Dr. Michael Merzenich and Anat Baniel. There is no special equipment required and these video lessons can easily be done at home. This program introduces the theory of the Anat Baniel Method® and NeuroMovement®. Anat Baniel will guide you through gentle and safe NeuroMovement Lessons, theory, and demonstrations that will transform the way you move and feel. You will experience changes right away and acquire tools to insure your continued progress. Professionals will learn new and exciting ways to work with clients. Choose your preferred delivery method below.  You may order DVDs shipped to your address, or you may prefer to view the videos via Online-Streaming on your computer, tablet or smart phone (1 MB/sec internet speed or better is recommended).  For the best value, order BOTH Streaming and DVDs and you can keep streaming access for yourself and give the 10 DVD set as a gift.
  • Experience greater strength, flexibility, and immediate improvement in your breathing, posture, ease, and well-being by taking advantage of your brain’s remarkable ability to change for the better. Streaming Video ONLY. High speed internet access and login to our site required to view.
  • This NeuroMovement® Children With Special Needs 2-Day Workshop includes 10 hours of intervention-related exercises for special needs children, along with lectures, Q & A's, and demonstrations.  It is available either on physical DVD's shipped to you, or as Streaming Video you can watch on your computer, tablet or phone. Select which delivery option you want by selecting a Quantity of 1 next to the appropriate format you want to order.  (If you are ordering a streaming delivery option, do not select a quantity of greater than 1.
  • Quick Lessons for Fitness, Mental Clarity, Pain Relief, and Vitality. These 5 to 10-minute long Online Streaming animated video exercises target specific body areas to free up movement, relieve pain & increase range of motion. (39 Streaming Videos). These are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk or in front of a computer.
  • Join the thousands of people who have rediscovered youthful balance, speed, and safety in movement by taking advantage of the brain's remarkable ability to change for the better.
  • Join the thousands of people who have who have learned how to sit comfortably and pain free by taking advantage of the brain's remarkable ability to change for the better.