Winners of Share Your ABM Story Contest

Share Your ABM Story Contest ipad miniThank you to those of you who participated in and spread the word about our recent Contest: Share Your Story About the Anat Baniel Method (ABM)!

And thanks again to all of you who provided us with your amazing stories and all those who voted for you. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting all the stories that were entered in our contest.

Below is the list of the Winners. Congratulations to all of you!

ABM Story Grand Prize Winner

Patrick Hill is our Grand Prize Winner, and he will receive the iPad Mini. Following is the story that Patrick entered:

I have been receiving ABM lessons since 2011. I have a neurological condition which causes severe chronic pain. The therapy regiment I was on just kept me functioning and was slowly becoming ineffective. I needed a change.

In May of 2013, I was recovering from a major back surgery and substantial regression in nerve damage from the previous year. I made it through the first NeuroMovement® segment; in fact, at the end of the nine days I was able to move freely and with less pain.

I went from a fairly sedentary work place to working as a sub-contractor for a high end home builder. I have to be able to do everything from framing to finishing and end with a high quality product.

I not only improved physically, but I also notice an improvement in mental clarity. Thanks to ABM my chronic pain is reduced, and I am able to put in full-time hours working at a job that is physically and mentally demanding. I am also able to keep up with homework assigned between segments, continue therapy, and keep on top of all operations necessary to maintain a small business.

ABM has given me a new lease on life—people who meet me don’t believe the severity of my condition.

ABM has allowed my brain and body to integrate the changes made by my traditional therapists. This means that the potency of each treatment has increased twofold; I’ve been able to cut my prescription medication almost in half. I was at the highest recommended dose.

Another result of the ABM training is noticed in relationships. When I did join gatherings I would be able to participate as part of a group for a small amount of time, then the pain became intolerable and I shut down and didn’t participate in the group and sat quietly or physically left. Now I want to be part of gatherings and am more interactive.

What ABM has done for me is beyond words. I improve every segment and can’t wait to start up a practice to help people.

ABM Story Special Prize Winner

The Special Prize is awarded to the ABM story with the most votes. Katie Harrison wrote a story about her son Hawk, which moved many people, since it garnered the most votes with a total of 1,045 votes. Her son Hawk will receive the private ABM Lesson with Anat Baniel. Below is a photo of Hawk and his story.

My son Hawk had a spontaneous brain hemorrhage at 3 weeks old. The massive extent of brain damage resulted in shunted hydrocephalus, global developmental delays, and seizures.

After almost 2 years of traditional therapy 3 times a week we saw some gains but, were in desperate need of a breakthrough!

Hawk Share-ABM-Story

Praise God we found the Anat Baniel Method! After the first week of intensive at the center in CA, Hawk was a changed boy and we are not looking back! After returning home to Georgia, we stopped physical and occupational therapy and have been following up with ABM practitioners in Atlanta.

Hawk LOVES his sessions and loves learning what his body can do. I tell everyone, “Nothing is wrong with his body, the injury was to his brain and ABM helps his brain like nothing else could.” As a professional teacher myself, this therapy just makes sense; it reinforces everything I’ve been trained to do as a good teacher.

Hawk still has a long road ahead of him, but ABM has given him a vehicle in which to ride. I can never thank God enough for leading us to this gift.

Other Winners

We also picked eight additional names and these people will receive an Anat Baniel Method DVD from the choices provided. Below is a list of these prize winners (first names only). We have notified everyone via email and are waiting to hear back from some of you, so check your email messages!


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