Why join the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training program?

The program gives parents, therapists and other professionals a chance to work with Anat Baniel and her outstanding teaching team and learn this paradigm shifting Method that has sealed Anat’s world-renowned reputation as a life transforming teacher.

In this article, we take a closer look at the program and the reasons why professionals such as physical, occupational, speech, and massage therapists, MD’s, Yoga and fitness coaches, teachers, and parents and carers of children with special needs have benefited both professionally and personally from completing this training.

Combining practical and theoretical learning via in-person and online sessions, the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® (ABMNM®) Practitioner Training course provides an effective and powerful path for you to become a successful practitioner, able to transform your own life, and the lives of the special needs children and adult patients and clients you care for, while taking your career to the next level and placing yourself at the forefront of your profession.

About the training

The ABMNM® training is a holistic, experiential approach to learning.

In each training segment, you will participate in an intensive experiential and intellectual process. You will experience and learn:
• scores of group movement lessons (which we call Transformational Movement LessonsSM or TML)
• a rich body of scientifically based, cutting-edge theory
• one-on-one movement lessons (known as Functional SynthesisSM or FS)
• demonstrations and practice

Each segment or level focuses on one main functional subject. Every segment builds on the previous ones so the learning grows exponentially and integrates into one comprehensive field of knowledge and applications.

The hands-on practice and group movement lessons introduced in each segment relate to the focus of the segment and build, over time, in their complexity and level of physical and cognitive skillfulness and refinement.

As you move through these segments, you will gain knowledge of how the nervous system functions to organize action and how specific core ideas in the method can be applied to a multitude of situations and conditions.

By the end of each segment, you will have mastered an area of knowledge and practice in your own life and for future professional use.

Your transformation and personal evolution are at the heart of the profound understanding and skills you will acquire to effectively and powerfully utilize when teaching others.

Each trainee in the program is personally supervised while in the process of developing the skills needed to facilitate transformational changes in others.

Using practical and theoretical learning, as well as a mix of in-person and online learning, Anat Baniel and her outstanding faculty provide the path for trainees to become successful ABMNeuroMovement® Practitioners. Each trainee is challenged to learn and transcend limitations in a supportive and empowering environment.

The training program runs from July 23, 2022 to August 20, 2023. It consists of 100 days of training, 64 in-person and 36 online. Content is divided into 10 segments which you can pay for individually or all in one go. The in-person sessions will take place at the Anat Baniel Method Center, 4330 Redwood Hwy, STE 350, San Rafael, CA 94903

For full details of the course, please see our dedicated website.

What becoming certified in Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® will enable you to do

The foundation of ABMNM® is a holistic approach to understanding learning, function, and acquisition of skills. It is centered in taking advantage of the power of the brain to change coupled with the centrality of movement in forming the brain. It is a highly novel approach that is in harmony with the rapidly growing field of neuroplasticity science. However, in places, such as in schools, rehabilitation facilities, training of musicians, athletes and dancers, and in many therapies for children and adults, the approach is still embedded in centuries old traditions, theories and beliefs. ABMNM® provides an opportunity to implement, in practice, novel understandings and applications that create outcomes and possibilities that are rare, and often simply non existent.

Hence, there are all kinds of benefits associated with completing the training program and becoming a certified ABMNM® practitioner. You will be able to help children and adults overcome physical and mental limitations, and reach new levels of performance. And if you are already a practicing therapist, NeuroMovement® will give you new ways to help clients who have current and/or past injuries and traumas reach exciting new levels of vitality, mental clarity, creativity, and physical strength, flexibility, and coordination.

The program will show you how you can go beyond traditional therapy programs and offer a transformational approach to managing pain and limitation, turning obstacles into real-life possibilities using innovative techniques based in brain science, movement, physics, and human connection.

You may want to apply to this training if you are a:

• Seeker wanting a new, life transforming and inspiring career that can be practiced anywhere in the world.
• Therapist working with adults and children who wants to learn novel, sophisticated, holistic and gentle ways that connect with, and wake up, the brain of the client to learn and change in highly potent and effective ways.
• Parent or carer of a special needs child who wants to discover new ways to connect with your child in ways that lead to breakthrough physical, mental, and emotional transformations, while you transform too.
• Alternative medicine practitioner looking to integrate into your practice the important role neuroplasticity and movement play in overcoming illness and reaching new levels of health and well-being.
• Teacher, special education teacher, and/or aid interested in bringing what you will learn in the training into the classroom and to one-on-one sessions in order to realize successful outcomes. This training will help you to uncover the intelligence and amazing ability of all children to learn irrespective of their condition.
• Teacher of yoga and self-improvement or Fitness trainer interested in discovering ways to facilitate performance through gentle and sophisticated methods that help the brain learn the ‘how’ of replacing force, excessive repetition, and at times frustration and even injury.
• Psychotherapist or counselor interested in bringing the ‘body’ to the ‘mind’ in order to help change happen easier, faster, and more holistically.

We have reduced the cost of the training

We appreciate the impact and challenges the events of the past two years have had on all of us, from the personal and emotional to the financial. Due to these hardships and our ongoing commitment to training new practitioners who are able to serve as many children and adults as possible with ABM® NeuroMovement®, we have reduced the price of the training to make it more affordable and accessible. To find out about the training fees (which you can pay per segment or all in one go) please head over to our tuition page.

A final word from Anat

I have been doing this work for approximately 40 years. I transitioned from being a psychotherapist to what I’m doing today. My big passion in doing this work are the remarkable possibilities it opens to so many people with so many needs, desires and dreams, and watching my graduates doing the same for others.

My second big passion is to have as many people as possible benefit from these possibilities. And for that we need practitioners. So if you are considering taking this training we would love to hear from you, and if you have decided to take the training, I’m looking forward to reading your application.

With love

Anat Baniel