What Are Your Top Concerns for Your Child With Special Needs?

Our ABM NeuroMovement® Survey Results

NeuroMovement survey
A short time ago, I asked you to vote on your top concerns about the child with special needs in your life. Thank you! Thank you so much for answering our survey–some of you participated twice. Over 2,000 total people responded!

The votes are in… and the top 2 concerns are:

  • Cognitive or Emotional Delays

  • Movement Disorganization & Limitations

When we separate the two kinds of movement-related concerns, the top concern is Cognitive or Emotional Delays. After that comes Movement Disorganization & Limitations. If we combine the two movement concerns, Movement comes first and then Cognitive or Emotional Delays.

I find this information extremely interesting. It will be useful in guiding us in what we may offer parents, caregivers, and therapists of children with special needs in the future.

Those of you who filled out the survey will be receiving a video with the most important “secret” to helping a child with special needs.

The good news is that this “secret” to helping your child will work with any of your concerns. The reason being, that when you learn and apply the “secret,” you will be helping your child’s brain to do its job better, whether it is figuring out how to move in new and better ways, sort information and think more clearly, or have greater emotional and social freedom and connection.

Be sure to watch for more exciting news, coming soon!

Anat Baniel

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