Isabel and Anat Baniel MethodIsabel was brought to me at age 15 months with a diagnosis of periventricular leukomalacia and cerebral palsy.

She had hardly any voluntary movement. Her ankles and feet were extremely stiff.

The doctors recommended AFOs at the time and again very recently, but her parents elected to avoid using them with Isabel.

In the past year, Isabel has learned to roll over, crawl, sit up independently, use her hands, and has acquired some speech.

With minimal help, she can now come from squatting to almost erect standing.

As the photos show, Isabel’s ankles and feet initially would stiffen and her heels stayed above the floor while standing up.

However with minor movements of the pelvis and lower back, she now brings her heels and feet down and bears her weight on the whole foot.

As Isabel’s ability to stand and shift weight increases, I anticipate she will continue to improve in her ability to use her feet, as we have seen with many other children with cerebral palsy with whom we have worked.

Isabel, her mother, and Anat Baniel – October 2003

Isabel’s Progress with ABM Lessons

View a video of the progress that Isabel makes with Anat Baniel Method lessons over a time frame of four months.

A Recent Update from Isabel

Isabel on her bikeLook at Isabel today!

Isabel is doing very well, is incredibly brilliant, and speaks like a 40-year-old English professor.

When I first met Isabel, she couldn’t talk, could hardly move, and couldn’t figure out what she was looking at. She received a lot of ABM lessons for a few years.

Since then, Isabel has kept growing and improving with the support and incredible love of her moms, and her own amazing capacities to learn…that she developed with her learning switch turned on high for all these years!