Saskatoon Family Finds Progress & Hope with NeuroMovement®

Anat Baniel Method® was Recently in the News in Canada

View the video clip below from CTV News Saskatoon.

The Story of Kinley

Kinley has physical and developmental delays, which are much more obvious because she has a twin sister who is typically developing.

At two months, Kinley was diagnosed with “a trio of conditions that cause tightness in her neck, muscle weakness in one eye, and one side of her head to be flattened.”

Kinley and family try NeuroMovementHer parents Ellie and Colin Boyenko tried a number of therapies, including physical and occupational therapy, chiropractics, and massage. They saw few results until they tried the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM).

ABM is a NeuroMovement® approach focused on using movement to enable the brain to learn, change, and grow. Learn more about NeuroMovement here.

Kinley came all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to the ABM Center in San Rafael, California. After her very first NeuroMovement lesson, she was able to pull herself onto her elbows, and had more movement in her legs. “For Kinley, this was a dramatic accomplishment.”

Colin is pleased with Kinley’s progress: “It made me smile inside, just seeing her do things that she has never done before.”

Ellie shares the impact of ABM: “Her whole world has just changed. She has a totally different understanding of her body and she is going to be able to move in totally new ways….It means hope—hope for the future.”

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