Roman and our ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioners: An Inspirational Message

It is always so inspiring to receive messages and updates from the adults and children who come to our Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Center for lessons or workshops!

I want to share a particularly moving email message that we recently received with these incredibly beautiful photos and heartfelt thoughts.

Both Sylvia Shoredike and Neil Sharp, our wonderful ABM Center Practitioners, and I had the privilege of working with Roman while he and his family were here in San Rafael, California.

Following is the message from Nadia, Roman’s mom:

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to write you guys a quick note to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work that you guys put into making our lessons with Sylvia, Neil and Anat successful for our son, Roman!

I can just imagine the load and pressure you must have to try to accommodate and please all these parents and children…not an easy task so thank you so much for your hard effort and great communication!

We had a wonderful time working with Sylvia, Neil and Anat! Our only wish is that we lived closer to make these trips more frequently.

Neil Sharp - Anat Baniel Method PractitionerI’m sure that your team will be pleased to know that Roman has been making great progress since our visit and we have been working very hard at implementing all the great tools and tips that Anat gave us in our consultation!

It was a true honor to meet Anat and above all to have her work with our son! She is an amazing person with an extraordinary talent…how I wish I could sync or download all the info in her brain and all her knowledge…if it were only that easy, ha!

Nonetheless we are seeing change and progress and we are very proud of our son! Thanks again for all that you guys do! We left with a wonderful impression and you all will always have a special place in our hearts!


Nadia, Steve and Roman M.

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Dear Nadia, Steve, and Roman…
From all of us here at the Anat Baniel Method Center, thank you so much for these gorgeous photos and thoughtful message. We wish you and Roman the very best and look forward to hearing more about his progress in the future!

Anat Baniel

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