What Can You Do to Promote Child Development?

How the Nine Essentials Can Help Your Child Become a Brilliant Learner


1. When interacting with your child to help him or her learn or improve any skill, be it physical, cognitive, emotional, or social, apply one or more of the Nine Essentials

With these easy-to-use tools that are validated by current brain research, you will create optimal conditions for your child’s brain to do its job of creating new patterns, at the highest levels, in any activity your child is doing and in any area of your child’s development.

Your child will become a brilliant learner and will develop powerfully.  And you will be able to enjoy your child and delight in this miraculous process and progress.

2. Avoid the temptation to try and force your child to do what she or he can’t do. 

The urge to do this is understandable, and often times encouraged by other professionals. However, even if your child progresses in this way, your child’s brain is also quickly learning the patterns of its limitations. Attempting to have your child do what she or he is not ready to do yet will tend to put a limit on how far she or he will progress. Most people will assign those limitations to her condition, rather than to the process of intervention.

3. Observe what your child is currently doing. 

Follow your child’s guidance as to what is interesting for them, and engage your child in those activities while applying some of the Nine Essentials. By doing this, you will wake up your child’s brain to resume the process of differentiation, creating new possibilities for your child.

4. When your child integrates these “new connections” into a new skill, or higher quality of performance, please do not ask your child to do it again. 

Do not clap. Allow your child to stay focused internally and have it be his or her experience. This will empower further the process of learning and the creation of what can seem like miracles.