NeuroMovement® Revolution Episode 9

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Episode 9 – Variation – 3rd Essential for Positive Brain Change

Variation is at the heart of learning. Call it play, mistakes, or exploration. Introduce Variation into what you do, and your brain will create new possibilities in your movements, feelings, thoughts, and action. Discover how Variation can help your child’s brain become a powerful learning brain, creating new solutions to overcome challenges.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • variations, intentional or unintentional, flood the brain with new information
  • how Variation can help the brain’s ability to perceive differences
  • practical tips and examples on how to use Variation with children with special needs
  • the importance of starting where your child is at and engaging your child in play
  • using Variation in daily living can be FUN for you and your child!
  • related questions from the audience

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