NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 7

Slow – 2nd Essential for Positive Brain Change

We want to let you know that we’ve changed the format of our NeuroMovement® Revolution Podcast. We will be discussing two different topics during the 1-hour time frame and then separate these topics into two 30-minute episodes. Again, thank you for participating online, for your questions, and for sharing this podcast with others!

Episode 7 – Slow – 2nd Essential for Positive Brain Change

Fast, We Can Only Do What We Already Know.

This is how the brain works. To learn and master new skills and overcome limitation, the first thing to do is slow way down. Slow actually gets the brain’s attention and stimulates the formation of rich new neural patterns.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • the tools for waking up the brain – the 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement®
  • the perception of differences is the source of information for the brain
  • the Slow Essential and how it helps the brain to improve its ability to perceive differences
  • how to use Slow with children with cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, and other special needs
  • related questions from the audience

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