NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 42

Promoting Empowering Beliefs in Your Child

Episode 42 – Promoting Empowering Beliefs in Your Child

A Conversation with Special Guest Shelly Lefkoe
Shelly Lefkoe is a co-founder and Vice President of Lefkoe Institute, a San Francisco Bay Area firm whose mission is “to significantly improve the quality of life on the planet by having people recreate their lives and live as the unlimited possibilities they are.” Shelly has had the privilege of helping thousands of people examine and eliminate limiting beliefs, and one of her passions is working with parents.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Shelly Lefkoe discuss:

  • the importance of acknowledging what is happening right now with your child
  • observing and asking yourself: what did your child conclude from your interaction?
  • it is okay to not know; not knowing can open up new possibilities
  • moving from fixing to connecting with your child
  • events don’t have meaning; the “meaning” you give something is in your mind
  • related questions from the audience

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