NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 26

Interview with Special Guest Linda Graham

Episode 26 – Interview with Special Guest Linda Graham

In this podcast, Anat interviews Linda Graham, MFT, a mindfulness teacher and world-renowned resilience expert. Linda teaches that resilience is a foundational practice for coping with the inevitable ups and downs in life. She teaches tools to develop a resilience mindset that can be used to cope with disappointments, difficulties, and even disasters.

Parenting can be demanding and having a child with special needs makes it even more so. In this interview, we focus on why and how Linda’s approach works in providing new ways for parents and others to respond to pressures and tragedies.

In this episode, Anat Baniel and Linda Graham discuss:

  • the direct outcome of learning how to cultivate positive emotions is resilience
  • a tool that Linda teaches is “Awareness and Acceptance” – becoming aware of what you are feeling and having compassion for yourself at the same time
  • another tool is “Change Every ‘Should’ to a ‘Could’” – ‘should’ sets you up for failure; ‘could’ opens you up to the possibilities and the larger perspective
  • how you perceive yourself, how you talk to yourself, and how you judge or support yourself is key to how resilient your brain is going to be in coping with the situation
  • people learn to be resilient by coping with adversity, and by finding meaning in the tragedy
  • pre-submitted questions from the audience

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