NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 3

Interview with Special Guest Jill Bolte Taylor

Episode 3 – Interview with Special Guest Jill Bolte Taylor

In this podcast, Anat Baniel interviews Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, a neuroanatomist, and the bestselling author of My Stroke of Insight book and TED Talk. Jill and Anat discuss what it was like for Jill to heal and learn. She could not “walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life” after her stroke.

It took Jill eight years to fully recover from her stroke. That was before she met Anat and discovered NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials. Jill states: “Anat applies the exact same principles when helping people overcome limitation that I used to recover my brain and body from stroke. She understands that for any meaningful change to happen in the way we think, move, and use our body, the change has to happen in the brain.”

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Jill Bolte Taylor discuss:

  • Jill’s experience of having a stroke and what it was like to learn skills she had lost
  • the importance of connection in recovery and learning (from “fixing” to connecting)
  • the need for sleep and safety in the healing and learning process
  • how stroke recovery is similar to working with children with special needs
  • why Jill supports NeuroMovement® and how it can help a variety of conditions

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