NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 13

PODCAST: Enthusiasm – 5th Essential for Positive Brain Change

Episode 13 – Enthusiasm – 5th Essential for Positive Brain Change

Enthusiasm is a skill you can develop. It is a choice to appreciate and take delight in the small things. It amplifies what is important and grooves in new learning in your brain. When hearing the word “enthusiasm,” it often evokes the idea of excitement, happiness, or externally expressed feelings.

Today, we explore the relationship between the adult’s Enthusiasm (an internal response, different from external excitement), and awakening powerful neuroplasticity in the child’s brain, leading to transformational breakthroughs.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • the purpose of the 9 Essentials is to create conditions where the brain can do its job better, and Enthusiasm is a powerful way to make it easier for the brain to perceive differences
  • the Enthusiasm Essential develops your ability to internally amplify what you observe and to appreciate the smallest of changes in your child; it is recognition of the “miraculous”
  • Enthusiasm is not about clapping, praise, or loud excitement—these kinds of external responses may actually inhibit the brain in the learning process
  • practical tips and examples of how to use Enthusiasm with children with special needs
  • how to practice the Enthusiasm Essential yourself and with your child in daily life
  • related questions from the audience

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