NeuroMovement Revolution Episode 20

Awareness – 9th Essential for Positive Brain Change

Episode 20 – Awareness – 9th Essential for Positive Brain Change

Awaring—the action of generating Awareness—is to be knowledgeable about what you are doing, sensing, thinking, and experiencing at any given moment. When you are aware, you are fully alive and present. Your brain is working at its highest level, noticing subtle nuances of what is going on around and within you, revealing options and potentials, greatly accelerating learning.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • Awareness is an action that can be practiced and developed in yourself and in your child
  • Awareness is the “glue of learning;” it can significantly shorten the process of change and progression
  • “Awaring” calls upon us to use our brains at a higher level quality of functioning
  • practical tips and examples of how to use the Awareness Essential with children with special needs
  • children are often aware, and using all of the Essentials will generate more awareness and new learning and possibilities
  • related questions from the audience

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